I have a complaint that I need to get off of my chest. I keep quiet about how people do business in real estate, but I just can’t stay silent anymore.

This especially goes out to the realtor who has the listing in NE St. Pete that I looked at on Friday. Oh while I am at it, your real estate photographer too. Your pictures were 10x’s as beautiful as the house was. I mean really, I was let down after I walked the property and seeing for myself just what this million dollar home looked like.

Yet it gets worse! While I was there with my high fashion rehabber trying to come up with rehab ideas, we watched 2 retail buyers wander through this house and I am sure one of them wound up putting this million dollar monster under contract, because the house has a contract.

It is amazing how pictures done right tell the homes true story. A good photographer takes good pictures. A great photographer lets your buyers imagine what their family will look like enjoying the home. Think about it, Me with no emotion, no desire to move my family disliked this house, yet 2 prospective buyers imagined where the furniture would go, what it would feel like drinking a glass of wine, and watching the sun set over the trees. Like I said earlier those pics got the buyers to the house and one of them picked out their new home, because the darn thing is under contract!

I have been contemplating using a photographer for my real estate projects. I have used my friend Victor Macias, of Ace Photography ( 815) 394-2966. We had him at Wealth Builders Holiday party, and my wedding in January. I got him from my friend Melody, who is the top producer with Rutenburg, and Rhonda who does loans for every heavy hitter in Pinellas county.

Folks, in this age of internet selling you need a great picture taker. Taking your pics with your iphone just does not cut it. Add Victor to your team. He is inexpensive and well worth the expense. I am glad I did.

See you next week.

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