I am sure you have seen the headline about this month’s meeting. If you haven’t, go to August 15th Meeting for more details.

Wealth Builders REEA wants you to know that if you want to earn an Extra $10,000 by Christmas, you can. How do I know this? We see it happen all of the time. Each week we are hearing someone else calling Craig for a payoff on a hard money loan. As a matter of fact, flips in the Tampa Bay area are happening so fast that Craig has a new program he will introduce at our next meeting, August 15th. This is just one of the reasons you need to attend Wealth Builders August meeting.

I am proud and happy when I hear members tell me that they are making nice profits on flipping and wholesaling real estate deals right here in the Tampa Bay area.

The other day a fellow member of Wealth Builders came into the office and wanted to check out some programs from the library. We got to talking and he began to tell me about his last real estate flip that just closed this week. It turned out that he bought the deal from a wholesaler… gave the guy $5,000 then rehabbed and flipped the property in 5 months. Now when he said 5 months I was thinking, Wow, now I’m going to hear how things get screwed up so fast.

OK, so I didn’t hear the details of how he redid the house. I heard that instead of spending his original $30,000 estimate of repairs he spent $45,000. After listening to our friend explain how he took this dump and turned it into the TAJ MAHAL, he then told me how the extra $15,000 he spent generated him an extra $29,000 in extra net profits. That is $29,000 in spendable cash. This is a sample of the transactions our speaker at this month’s Wealth Builders REEA meeting is going to talk to you about. How you can be the Rehabber or the wholesaler. Whichever works for YOU! This is another reason for you to attend this month’s Wealth Builder Meeting.

First Time Guests & Members Are FREE!

Recently a client of ours for more than 20 years had a tenant move out of a house the tenants had been in over 11 years. Ellen explained to her clients that if they invested some money in UPDATING this 80’s style house they could get an extra $300 a month in rent. Well, the owners agreed… they are putting some money into the house, freshening it up, updating the kitchen and baths, and eliminating the smells. Thank goodness for Odor XIT… 11 years of SMOKE… GONE!! (we have some for sale in the office… call for more info)

Before everything is finished on this rehab, I mean just this week, Ellen found a qualified tenant that will happily pay $1,425 a month or $325 a month more than what her owners were getting from the previous tenants. Nice family… she’s a school teacher and he works retail. Owners like the kind of tenants Ellen finds because they are clean, and they treat the homes as if they were their own. This is another part of the topic our speaker is going to talk about on Tuesday the 15th. This is the third reason for you to attend this month’s Wealth Builders Meeting.

I keep hearing about PAG members (Property Acquisition Group) finding houses to buy and flip everyday with Howard. Just last week when I was in the office I heard Howard and a member of our PAG discussing his closing on 4 rentals here on the West Coast of Florida. 2 contracts, 4 rentals. Now Howard is finding this kind of stuff… Owner Financed, And Cheap Cash Deals, All Day…Everyday. Again, our speakers on the 15th will help you learn to make money by controlling these types of deals. This is the fourth reason for you to attend this month’s Wealth Builders Meeting.

We have the tools YOU can use to make extra money, we have the knowledge at our meetings to help YOU create a real estate business.

I think you must be asking yourself… Jeff, What’s the catch?? How?? The answer is clear. You Must Get INVOLVED!! Yes you learn a lot by networking, but you fail to learn the “how to’s of real estate”.

You need to be a member of THIS Organization, YOUR Organization.

Take advantage of what Wealth Builders has to offer and quite frankly start NOW By Attending This Month’s Wealth Builders Meeting, Tuesday, August 15th.

I know that if you like that headline on our web site www.reea.com that says “Make an extra 10K by Christmas, Then you should be here on the 15th.

I know and I believe you can make money with real estate if you know how to do it. It is the easiest, most lucrative, and most fun business that I can think of.

So join us Tuesday, August 15th
The Real Estate Center
13498 Walsingham Road, Largo.

Doors open at 6:30, with Networking and Property Pitches.

Stay and I guarantee you will become as excited as some of us are about real estate investing NOW… in THIS market… In the Tampa Bay Area!!

Whew, I am writing this as I am finishing up the paperwork on the small real estate transaction that we did at the Wealth Builders REEA meeting last night. Everyone thought the concept of Speed networking (our evening topic) was great. The noise level was exciting and everyone made some great contacts. As attendees, we met some new folks who are social media experts, a new wholesaler who has multiple properties, and a new lender who is young, energetic and willing to help all of us with our financing issues.

All in all the meeting was different but very educational. Then again that is what you get when you are a member of Wealth Builders REEA. Our focus is on your real estate investing education and success. Your Wealth Builder team are eager to make you feel at home, feel comfortable and give you more than what you can ever get by going anywhere else.

Between our monthly meetings, weekly meetings and our new class forming for all new members you have the opportunity to learn how some of our members are making money every day by investing in real estate. 

Join us for more networking and education at our next meeting. Go to www.reea.com for dates, times and location. The hottest market for making money with real estate is the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Don’t you think it is time you get involved and get yourself set for your future?

See you at our next meeting.

I have a complaint that I need to get off of my chest. I keep quiet about how people do business in real estate, but I just can’t stay silent anymore.

This especially goes out to the realtor who has the listing in NE St. Pete that I looked at on Friday. Oh while I am at it, your real estate photographer too. Your pictures were 10x’s as beautiful as the house was. I mean really, I was let down after I walked the property and seeing for myself just what this million dollar home looked like.

Yet it gets worse! While I was there with my high fashion rehabber trying to come up with rehab ideas, we watched 2 retail buyers wander through this house and I am sure one of them wound up putting this million dollar monster under contract, because the house has a contract.

It is amazing how pictures done right tell the homes true story. A good photographer takes good pictures. A great photographer lets your buyers imagine what their family will look like enjoying the home. Think about it, Me with no emotion, no desire to move my family disliked this house, yet 2 prospective buyers imagined where the furniture would go, what it would feel like drinking a glass of wine, and watching the sun set over the trees. Like I said earlier those pics got the buyers to the house and one of them picked out their new home, because the darn thing is under contract!

I have been contemplating using a photographer for my real estate projects. I have used my friend Victor Macias, of Ace Photography ( 815) 394-2966. We had him at Wealth Builders Holiday party, and my wedding in January. I got him from my friend Melody, who is the top producer with Rutenburg, and Rhonda who does loans for every heavy hitter in Pinellas county.

Folks, in this age of internet selling you need a great picture taker. Taking your pics with your iphone just does not cut it. Add Victor to your team. He is inexpensive and well worth the expense. I am glad I did.

See you next week.

May 16th Monthly Meeting

If you missed last week’s Wealth Builders REEA meeting you missed some great information you just don’t get anywhere else.

First of all our CPA who was supposed to speak could not make it, but as Craig says, “we had a backup”. That backup was none other than Kay McKenzie of Search First Information Services. She showed us all why we need to do background checks by professionals.

Kay is the Go to that all of the big guns use when they need a background check for a new employee or a new renter. I learned that most human resource departments outsource the employee screening because Search First does it better than any employee can.

Then we had Jake Blanchard of Blanchard and Associates of Pinellas. Jake talked about how we can find and buy houses that are in probate or bankruptcy. Jake is a fellow Real Estate Investor, and lawyer. Jake loves to flip houses and he was gracious enough to share some of the easiest ways to work with probate attorneys when it comes to them liquidating assets like houses and apartment buildings.

If you missed May’s meeting I am sorry, I wish I could have taped it for you. These are the type of things going on at Wealth Builders these days, we have access to these type of people because we are in the real estate investing business. We, Ellen, Craig, Howard and myself work with, network with, and break bread with folks that help make our real estate business grow.

I don’t remember if it was Tony Robbins or Robert Shemin who said the fastest way to learn how to be rich and successful is to start hanging out and networking with rich and successful people. Which brings us to what I think we all should do for the next 4 weeks. That is, attend the next 4 Wealth Builder REEA subgroup meetings.

Starting this coming Tuesday night, we are going to be using 3 simple resources to buy houses. A hands-on, ongoing lesson on buying houses to wholesale, flip, rent or whatever. The easiest method for learning how to buy real estate locally is to learn how to do it from people who are doing it every day. A perfect example of this is one we just acquired yesterday. a little house in Largo, it should rent for $1095, the owners are very tired landlords, and were very happy that we even made an offer to buy the house.

You see we offered $3,000 down subject to existing financing. Yep, a non-qualify deal, best of all this opportunity was presented to us from a realtor. Now it was not listed but the lead came from a realtor who we network with. Yep that easy, that simple. All because of networking.

Can you use an extra deal or 2 a year (average profits exceed $30,000 per deal) or are you happy just having someone else buying up houses in our area?

Well, get involved, learn these things, get involved with Wealth Builders REEA, so you can get these type of houses for your retirement or just to buy and sell so you can live the good life! Whatever your reasoning just get involved.

It’s ok if you are a beginner, expert or just an old grumpy guy like me. We can show you how to do this business and make money. There are folks just like you and me that are doing just that every day.

So you should be doing this too! Join us, if for some reason you are not a Wealth Builder REEA member join us and see why you should become a member. It’s up to you, Wealth Builders can be your vehicle to success, we just need you as the driver.

Happy investing, Jeff

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