May 16th Monthly Meeting

If you missed last week’s Wealth Builders REEA meeting you missed some great information you just don’t get anywhere else.

First of all our CPA who was supposed to speak could not make it, but as Craig says, “we had a┬ábackup”. That backup was none other than Kay McKenzie of Search First Information Services. She showed us all why we need to do background checks by professionals.

Kay is the Go to that all of the big guns use when they need a background check for a new employee or a new renter. I learned that most human resource departments outsource the employee screening because Search First does it better than any employee can.

Then we had Jake Blanchard of Blanchard and Associates of Pinellas. Jake talked about how we can find and buy houses that are in probate or bankruptcy. Jake is a fellow Real Estate Investor, and lawyer. Jake loves to flip houses and he was gracious enough to share some of the easiest ways to work with probate attorneys when it comes to them liquidating assets like houses and apartment buildings.

If you missed May’s meeting I am sorry, I wish I could have taped it for you. These are the type of things going on at Wealth Builders these days, we have access to these type of people because we are in the real estate investing business. We, Ellen, Craig, Howard and myself work with, network with, and break bread with folks that help make our real estate business grow.

I don’t remember if it was Tony Robbins or Robert Shemin who said the fastest way to learn how to be rich and successful is to start hanging out and networking with rich and successful people. Which brings us to what I think we all should do for the next 4 weeks. That is, attend the next 4 Wealth Builder REEA subgroup meetings.

Starting this coming Tuesday night, we are going to be using 3 simple resources to buy houses. A hands-on, ongoing lesson on buying houses to wholesale, flip, rent or whatever. The easiest method for learning how to buy real estate locally is to learn how to do it from people who are doing it every day. A perfect example of this is one we just acquired yesterday. a little house in Largo, it should rent for $1095, the owners are very tired landlords, and were very happy that we even made an offer to buy the house.

You see we offered $3,000 down subject to existing financing. Yep, a non-qualify deal, best of all this opportunity was presented to us from a realtor. Now it was not listed but the lead came from a realtor who we network with. Yep that easy, that simple. All because of networking.

Can you use an extra deal or 2 a year (average profits exceed $30,000 per deal) or are you happy just having someone else buying up houses in our area?

Well, get involved, learn these things, get involved with Wealth Builders REEA, so you can get these type of houses for your retirement or just to buy and sell so you can live the good life! Whatever your reasoning just get involved.

It’s ok if you are a beginner, expert or just an old grumpy guy like me. We can show you how to do this business and make money. There are folks just like you and me that are doing just that every day.

So you should be doing this too! Join us, if for some reason you are not a Wealth Builder REEA member join us and see why you should become a member. It’s up to you, Wealth Builders can be your vehicle to success, we just need you as the driver.

Happy investing, Jeff

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