Wealth Builders REEA’s mission is to develop, support and promote real estate investors worldwide by serving the interests of the real estate investment industry through networking, education, and promoting professionalism and standards of excellence in our industry.

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Wealth Builders Membership Benefits Include:


People meeting people, the perfect opportunity to interact with folks just like you… who share ideas, dreams, aspirations… Develop your personal financial team.

With a readership of more then 5000 our mailings are the ideal vehicle for marketing of virtually any product or service suitable for the entrepreneur and/or investor.

A chance to market your properties to the perfect audience and equally a chance to find some super bargains – the perfect platform!

Special discounts for members …Local and National.

Discounts on all the stuff you want for your RE business.


Members may present properties or related situations on special tables at every meeting, the perfect opportunity to market your product.

Monthly Meetings
Hear leading real estate experts share their insights and experience on a wide range of investment topics. You’ll also benefit from networking with investors.

Support Services
Wealth Builders has an organized system of professional services, contractors and building material suppliers that allow you to join in a fantastic infrastructure of commercial members covering all aspects of property ownership.

“Knowledge is Power” Library
Wealth Builders (Real Estate Entrepreneur Association), owns an extensive library of books, tapes and video seminars covering almost any aspect of real estate investing. These book and tape series cost anywhere from $199 to $1500 each. Topics include financing and how to acquire and maintain your real estate empire.

Investors Forum
These informal discussions are held prior to each monthly meeting. Here, with the help of knowledgeable experienced professionals, you will gain practical tips on saving money, writing better deals and finding premium properties.

RE Brokerage
Value Properties makes available a special program for all members providing an opportunity to dramatically reduce your fees. Starting at 5% all your transactions accrue cash pay-backs… Full representation available.
Buyer Broker
Sellers Agent
Transaction Supervision
1031 Exchange

Special Low Down Investor, Non Qualifying, Equity Re-Hab, 3% down Conv. VA FHA most favored treatment for all their Loan programs by Major Financial Services, Inc.

Lots More
Xmas Party.. Workshops, Special Interest subgroups, Computer MLS, Lead Paint, Landlord, Tenant, PAC, on and ON.

A PrePaid Legal Membership for Wealth Builders Members for as little as $16.95 per month.
Preventive Legal Services
Motor Vehicle Legal Expense Services
Trail Defense Services
IRS Audit Legal Services
Other Legal Services

No matter what kind of legal situation you face, you can depend on your Pre-Paid Legal membership to save you money and worry. Get the legal help you need when you need it without worrying about the cost. With Pre-Paid Legal, legal support for you and your family is as close as your phone. Don’t you owe it to yourself to learn more?

The savings with Pre-Paid legal alone will pay for your
Wealth Builders Membership!

A Wealth Builders Membership is only
$195/year for 1 person (full calendar year) or
$245 for 2 people.

You can call Ellen 727-593-3353 or toll free 800-335-0256 to join