Whew, I am writing this as I am finishing up the paperwork on the small real estate transaction that we did at the Wealth Builders REEA meeting last night. Everyone thought the concept of Speed networking (our evening topic) was great. The noise level was exciting and everyone made some great contacts. As attendees, we met some new folks who are social media experts, a new wholesaler who has multiple properties, and a new lender who is young, energetic and willing to help all of us with our financing issues.

All in all the meeting was different but very educational. Then again that is what you get when you are a member of Wealth Builders REEA. Our focus is on your real estate investing education and success. Your Wealth Builder team are eager to make you feel at home, feel comfortable and give you more than what you can ever get by going anywhere else.

Between our monthly meetings, weekly meetings and our new class forming for all new members you have the opportunity to learn how some of our members are making money every day by investing in real estate. 

Join us for more networking and education at our next meeting. Go to www.reea.com for dates, times and location. The hottest market for making money with real estate is the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Don’t you think it is time you get involved and get yourself set for your future?

See you at our next meeting.

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