Where To Start

Common Questions

Homebuying: low down payments, FHA mortgages, and homebuying options

Homeowning: refinancing, reverse mortgages for senior citizens, and home improvements

HUD Homes: HUD homes for sale and how to buy a HUD home

Renting: public housing, Section 8, and other rental assistance programs

Relocation, Foreclosure, Eviction: avoiding foreclosure and responding to eviction notices

FHA Refunds: FHA premium refunds and “tracers”

Homeless: services for the homeless

Fair Housing: housing discrimination and HUD’s fair housing logo

Communities: how to get involved in your community and how HUD helps communities

Consumer Information: housing discrimination, health hazards, and other consumer information

Complaints: how to file a housing discrimination complaint and report fraud in HUD programs

About HUD: HUD’s organization and jobs

Equal Treatment Regulations